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Film program

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The Film Program of the Festival of Tolerance comprises current films screened at some of the most significant world film festivals and awarded with some of the most prestigious awards. Compared to the previous iterations of the Festival, the film program of the 13th Festival of Tolerance offers several innovations in its program sections. A new program section, Tolerance on the Edgehas been devised, offering a selection of films of various genres and types from the film festival circuit, all with an emphasized artistic, provocative, daring and direct character, which have distinguished themselves with their innovative and creative way of discussing socially relevant topics such as refugees, migration, human rights, sexual and gender freedoms. Another program novelty is the section Going Spaces, as part of which the interested public will be presented with an extended and virtual reality project. This type of platform has seen a large increase in recent years, though lectures and workshops intended for creators still are predominant at festivals, whereas projects that are already finished are less represented.


The Spectrum Programme represents a selection of current globally significant feature films on the topic of the Holocaust, human rights and current social problems. The Spectrum Programme will screen films of high production standards that are both easy to understand and highly attractive, i.e. intended for a wide audience. In the selection, particular attention was given to films from the so-called film festival circuit  awarded at prestigious festivals.


The thematic context of the Festival of Tolerance dictates the selection of films on the topic of the Holocaust, human rights and other key contemporary as well as historical social problems. As such, the Festival’s programme would be unimaginable without documentary films. The programme named Reality Bites highlights the quality, immediacy, measure and power of a good documentary with the aim to show the global dimension and universality of individual issues.


Films from this section are characterized by a strong auteurial stamp; they are controversial, often raw and ruthless, but most importantly: utterly original and powerful. Tolerance on the Edge is a new programme of the Festival of Tolerance, which turns to arthouse, hybrid but also genre films, i.e. films whose stylistic and content features do not fit in the usual mainstream festival programming.                                                            


Over the last couple of years, the abundance of films, directors, artistic procedures and approaches have turned short films into a true creative jungle. It is difficult to find a way out of this jungle, not because it is difficult to find one’s own way, but because its density and abundance are seductively rich. The programme section named Keep it Short brings to the Festival of Tolerance all the reasons why we love short film: a small format brimming with a firework of ideas, thoughts and perspectives.

GOING SPACES – VR movies selection

Although it is primarily related to the entertainment industry, virtual reality no longer exists in this field alone. Art installations, space and period documents, and entire worlds have become accessible to the audience, which has been turned from passive observers into active participants. VR media is also a medium of direct experience, which is particularly interesting for the Festival of Tolerance, especially discussing projects aimed at stimulating empathy or causing catharsis.

The Program Going Spaces is carried out in cooperation with UNHCR.


Children and young people live surrounded by a wealth of audiovisual content but they have a chronic lack of guidance on how to consume that content. Preschool and school education does not put the media literacy in the focus and in that sense the Festival’s programme named Small Steps has a very significant role. Small Steps is a selection of attractive yet instructive and straightforward films different than the dominant, mostly American productions of films for children and youth in the regular cinema distribution.


Festival Market is a special programme of the Festival that offers an opportunity to representatives of foreign festivals to familiarize with the Croatian film scene. At the same time, the Croatian filmmakers have an opportunity to learn about the working methods and way of thinking that is specific for the heads of film festivals. This year’s guest of the Festival is the Interfilm Berlin International Short Film Festival and a distribution house focusing on short films and globally active for more than three decades. On the 13th Festival of Tolerance Interfilm will be presented by Ingrid Beerbaum and Andrea Schwemmer.

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