Advancing the idea of tolerance in a cultural-art way is an important part of the festival program that, aside from educating and inviting the public to act together and develop the cultural dialogue, also enriches the cultural program of the city.

Some art branches, such as photography or video, have shown themselves as the fastest and most effective way of approaching the broader public. Scenes that we are witnesses to through the media are in a way documents of reality, indicators of those truths and facts that we might not always want to see or acknowledge, but that remind us that injustice happens in all countries, on all social levels and among all age groups. Today, more then ever, we cannot allow to turn our heads away, to close our eyes to something because we feel that "it’s not our concern" - only by acting together can we make this world a better and more just place for all.


The Association has organized several exhibitions by world-renowned European contemporary artists, which have attracted significant interest of the media, diplomatic corps and wider audience. With exhibitions focused on educational content (Holocaust, refugees, street art, women, children, minorities etc.) and with segments implementing audio-visual multimedia, FoT is becoming a meeting place for Zagreb and Croatian culture scene and European and world artists and art projects.


Exhibition "Power and powerless" by the renowned German artist of Japanese descent Seiji Kimoto was organized as part of FoT Zagreb in 2012 (Gallery Karas HDLU - 14th to 31st of May). The exhibition was previously displayed at memorial areas of the former concentration camp Mauthausen in Austria and former concentration camp Struthof in France.


Exhibition "Drawing Against Oblivion" by the Austrian artist Manfred Bockelmann, which was previously displayed at the German Bundestag building, and that was seen in the Leopold Museum in Vienna by 100.000 visitors, was shown in the French pavilion of the Student center in Zagreb (January 27th - February 10th 2016) as part of Festival of Tolerance.


Exhibition "Art Against Oblivion" by Adolf Frankl, a great Austrian artist of Jewish descent, depicts the horrors of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp that he himself survived. Before being displayed at Klovićevi dvori gallery, as part of the FoT Zagreb 2014, the exhibition was displayed in Yad Vashem in Jerusalem (Israeli memorial center dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust), Berliner Dome (Berlin cathedral), Germanisches Nationalmuseumu (Nürnberg), Rathausgalerie (München), Austrian parliament (Vienna) and the Auschwitz-Birkenau museum.

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