History lessons teach us about the present while discussions and exchange of opinions help young people to understand that accepting diversity and the other is only true path of life in the modern world.

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Film and Discussion/ Digital School of Cinema (DSC)

08.04.2019. 11:00

The programme is dedicated to the integration of refugees into society and it is intended for students of higher elementary school grades and secondary school students.

Kino SC

Edukacijsko jutro:
Educational Morning: A Testimony of the Survivor

09.04.2019. 11:00

This year’s Educational Mornings will show the short documentary animated film "5105, A Story of an Escape from Mauthausen", after which the students will get the chance to hear the first-hand experience of a Holocaust survivor, Mrs. Vesna Domany Hardy.

Kino SC

Magdalena Petruk, Jolanta Laskowska:
Lecture by Experts from the State Museum at Majdanek (Lublin, Poland)

11.04.2019. 11:00

The State Museum at Majdanek was created on the grounds of the former German concentration camp KL Lublin. It is the first museum of martyrdom and the oldest memorial to the victims of Nazism. The mission of the Museum is to preserve the memory and promote historical education about the German occupation in the Lublin region during World War II.

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