“Tolerance is not just a moral duty”

(from the UNESCO definition)


The Festival of Tolerance – the Jewish Film Festival Zagreb is a unique film festival whose rich programme includes film projections, thematic exhibitions, education, discussions and music events. The task of the Festival is to spread the truth and memory about the Holocaust and to awareness and adopt tolerance in everyday life and the times that we live in.

From its first edition, the Festival of Tolerance has been and remains a place that joins different audiences, nurtures different affinities and beliefs, as well as a place that stimulates thinking about different viewpoints, and since last year it practices an open dialogue about similar problems. We started out with an idea about raising awareness and maintaining the collective memory of the Holocaust using it as an example to transfer experience from the past, but listening to the needs of the society not just here but also in the world, during the nine years of the Festival we touched upon other topics whose awareness can and should enable a common better tomorrow. We recognized and warned about the problems of racism, discrimination, xenophobia, homophobia, hate speech and the relationship of the society towards persons of the third age, but this year we will also deal with the problem of migrants and their assimilation.

Our goal is to educate the young ones and slightly older ones, to show that we are not all the same and that we need to accept our differences, talk about them openly and in this way achieve a successful coexistence.

The tenth jubilee edition of the Festival of Tolerance under the baton of the double Oscar winner Branko Lustig and the director of the Festival Nataša Popović will be held from the 9th until the 15th of April at Zagreb cinemas Europa and Tuškanac. The main themes will be the "legacy" of fascism, the refugees question and the problem of intolerance towards those who are different. These current social happenings increasingly reveal certain socio-cultural antagonisms so the need to speak about injustices, insisting on dialogue and cooperation of the whole community in the fight against discrimination is certainly one of the main goals of the 10th Festival of Tolerance.

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