35 mm

35mm is a non-government, non-profit organization with a vision of promoting universal democratic values, respecting human rights and rule of the law in an effort to help bring Montenegro closer to the European union and other integration processes. Since 2011 35mm is part of the Civic alliance.


Organization 35mm works on creating a better society in Montenegro and wider region. By “better society” we mean respect for the human rights and rule of the law, and especially public responsibility and transparency of governments and their institutions, as well as the civic freedom of speech. Our vision of Montenegro and the region predicts joining of these reconciled, multicultural and mature democratic societies into a union of European states.


As such 35mm sees its role in the following key areas:

- Detection of violations of civil rights in relations with public and state institutions;

- The production of socially committed films, documentaries and other video materials;

- Education and support of students of journalism in the field of investigative journalism and media-specific skills;

- Creating a space for reconciliation and cooperation in the region through exchange of opinions and findings by critical-thinking citizens.



NVO 35mm

Studentska ulica, Lamela 9, st. br. 5

81000 Podgorica

Tel/fax: +382 20 513 687

E-mail: 35mmproduction@gmail.com 

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