Video performance ‘Pozdrav’

Video performance ‘Pozdrav’

Mala dvorana kina Tuškanac

Vesna Mačković and Ana Opalić

Croatia, 2014, 10’

From 4PM till 11PM


To a dying city that once used to be alive.
To a city where I have never breathed as one.
To the land that has absorbed the sweat and toxins, as well as happiness and smiles.
To the workers that have been set free.
To the systems that come and go. And to wastelands.
To all of us who insistently walk forward not knowing where to or for how long.

In 1990 I moved to Sisak as a 15-year old girl, looking forward to high school and how exciting being young was and the endless possibilities to look forward to. However, the war and isolation due to being sick made me miss the smell of Sisak town. After 13 long years and the war a moment in history, good fortune enabled me to say goodbye to isolation and sickness. It seemed like a fairytale when it was talked about. But the story is different. The city was destroyed. People had problems breathing because of heavy industry and pollution. Now they had problems breathing because nothing was left there. Longing for the sun and meeting people, I could investigate human depressions and the emptiness of a devastated city. I used to just… leave.

In this video performance I make an imaginary return to Sisak. I try to face the city and the personal past after years of absence.


Third prize at the Annual exhibition of modern art THT @ MSU at the Museum of Modern Art in Zagreb

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