Uni-Diversity by Gianluca Capri

Uni-Diversity by Gianluca Capri

Talijanski institut za kulturu u Zagrebu, Preobraženska 4

10 April to 15 May 2017

The 'Uni-Diversity' photography project takes us to four different continents represented through a series of photos that show a whole range of contrasting feelings, regardless of geographic and cultural differences. The exhibition by the Italian artist Gianluca Capri deals with the topic of reducing distances by means of newspapers, photography and eventually the Internet as the ultimate digital means of communication of our age. Globalization, which has been taking place rapidly in the past few decades, has equalised the characteristics that used to distinguish the cultures of our planet. Regardless of geographic and cultural differences, it is possible to find insecurity, happiness, mistrust, fear, pride, suffering and indifference in the expressions of the human face. Thus 'Uni-Diversity' brings the images of nomads from Namibia and Tanzania with stories about their mysterious lives and portraits which could be captured through a wrinkle on the face of a Cuban, pictures that portray Indian spirituality and people on the streets of Egypt, young and old. The guiding principle of this project and the exhibition is that the real journey is not discovering new lands but seeing it with different eyes. The project that was created on four continents in eleven countries will now be presented at the 11th Festival of Tolerance.

He has exhibited in Venice, Monte Carlo, Vilnius, Edinburgh, Naples and Rome.

The exhibition has been organized in cooperation with the long-standing partner of the Festival, the Italian Cultural Institute in Zagreb.

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