Seiji Kimoto - "Power and Powerless"

Seiji Kimoto - "Power and Powerless"

2.Festival tolerancije Ljubljana, Gradska Hiža

25. 02. 2016. - 25. 03. 2016. 
Gradska Hiža, Ljubljana

As part of FOT Ljubljana, with his exhibition "Power and Powerless", we introduce the renowned Japanese artist Seiji Kimoto, whom we had the honor of hosting in Zagreb, in 2012, at the 6th Festival of Tolerance - JFF Zagreb.

Seji Kimoto is a versatile artist with Japanese roots who has lived and worked in Neunkirchen, Germany, for decades. Through his work he speaks out about historical problems in a modern way. With his sculptures, paintings, wall design, Zen calligraphy, graphics and drawings Kimoto has taken a high place in the art scene where he has been active since the early 70s.

Through his work Seiji Kimoto explores human values, and his art is a meeting of traditional and modern, flatness and poetry. His sculptures, which will be shown on this exposition, excel with their peculiar textures, shapes, colors and strong expression, questioning human freedom and captivity and showing how resistance can emerge from powerlessness and how people can keep their dignity in situations of complete powerlessness and greatest of humiliations. The author fashions his sculptures out of wood, rope, metal and stone.

Seiji Kimotos exhibitions opens on 25th of February 2016 in Gradska Hiža (Ljubljana) and will be open for a month. The highlight will be the artists unveiling of a new sculpture, made especially for the exhibition in Ljubljana.

The project is co-financed from the Europe for citizens fund - EACEA European Remembrance. 


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