13. 4. 2018. at  17:30 hours

Müller Hall, cinema Europa, Varšavska Street 3, 10000 Zagreb

Project www.lektire.skole.hr gathers works of Croatian and foreign authors and writers from the required reading list at schools and it numbers around 400 works and multimedia content such as audio and video works. The project was created in collaboration with Bulaja Publishing and The Croatian Academic and Research Network CARNet, with the support of Ministry of Science and Education of Croatia. The goal of the project is to make all elementary and high school required reading lists available – almost one thousand works! Zvonimir Bulaja is Editor in Chief of the project.

But apart from the large number of works the project has a lot of additional content such as notes about the writers and works, various notes and explanations, lesser-known dictionaries, additional interesting notes, images, soundtracks, and multimedia content. All pupils, students, teachers and professors are available to access it freely and free of charge. With all of this noted, eLektire is one of the most popular and most visited educational websites of similar content in Croatian language and currently has about 160 000 registered users.

eLektire published an electronic edition of The Diary of Anne Frank translated into Croatian by Svetlana Grubić Samaržija. The e-book has been equipped with a rich interactive interpreter and a dictionary.

After the presentation, a documentary film entitled „No Asylum: The Untold Chapter of Anne Frank's Story“ will be screened, highlighting the events that preceded The Diary of Anne Frank and the struggle of her father and the whole family to get the visas that could have saved them from persecution.


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