Children's View - "Drawing Against Oblivion"

Children's View - "Drawing Against Oblivion"

10. Festival tolerancije Zagreb, kino Europa, Müller Hall

09.-15.04.2016. Europa cinema, Müller Hall

We started the Jubilee Festival year on the International Day of Remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust, the 27th of January, with the opening of the impressive exhibition "Drawing against oblivion" by Manfred Bockelmann, whose large format drawings portrait children killed in Nazi concentration camps and hospitals.
The exhibition at the Zagreb French pavilion is a tribute to the innocent victims, and its theme and location are the ideal occasion to educate young people about the Holocaust. In cooperation with our partner "Documenta Centre for Dealing with the Past", a workshop for students from Glina and Branko Lustig's lecture about his personal survival of the Holocaust were held at the site of the former "Zagreb Fair", today's Student Center in Savska Street, from which thousands of people were taken to concentration camps.
We invited schools across the country to visit the exhibition, and children to write essays or make drawings to share their impressions after viewing the last portraits of their peers.

We are grateful to students and teachers for their large interest and effort, and the quality of works that have contributed to the promotion of values ​​of the Festival of Tolerance.
A selection of the students' works will be exhibited for the duration of the 10th Festival of Tolerance 9-15. April 2016, in the Müller Hall of kino Europa in Zagreb.
Elementary school students' exhibition is co-funded by "Europe for Citizens" and is open to visitors.


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