10. 4. 2018. – 20. 4. 2018.

Gallery of the Archeological Museum in Zagreb, Pavla Hatza Street 6

11. 4. 2018. at 17:30 pm, Gallery of the Archeological Museum in Zagreb: lecture by Silvia Grav for pupils, students and general interested public

Silvia Grav is a Spanish photographer and director based in Los Angeles. Being 18 and after dropping out Fine Arts the first year, her work became known after being published in Juxtapoz and many other blogs and cultural magazines. A year after Flickr chose her as one of the „20 Under 20”, an award given to the best young photographers around the world under that age.

That opportunity took her to United States for the first time. Since then she works and lives in Los Angeles.

About the artist, in her own words:

“If by style we mean aesthetics, I guess I’m a mixture of the beauty I find in what I see every day, and with that I mean, almost exclusively, art by other artists. There was a time when the mechanism became active and I became conscious of all I was missing. Then reality became a habit, a routine. It had always been so, but I hadn’t noticed up to then. I was invaded by a strange void, and then began all the existential crises and rollercoasters of frustration and motivation, etc. In the end I had to assume that the only way to change, of leaving behind the monotony of watching days go by without appreciating them, was through imagination. But that only exists in the mind, and I needed something more physical. And that was were art came in. And I could have summarised this by saying that my style is only a projection of the world I would have liked to inhabit.”

The series of photographs „About the Holocaust” emerged from the need for deep reflection on one of the most horrible events in modern human history – the Holocaust. Through the photographs from this series, the young Spanish artist speaks not only about the Holocaust but about evil in general. They are her attempts to understand what is utterly incomprehensible to her.

“I was eight when I first found out about World War II.

Dad never says much. No one is listening but me.
I hear him saying human beings are terrible, and that's enough to understand.
What is happening in the movie we are watching is real.
As real as me and my dad, as our safe white house with ugly floors cold on my feet.

That moment opened a hole I've been digging deeper into since.
I haven't found an end because it has too many.

This project is just one of them.”

Her black-and-white photographs tie together a contemporary moment with history. They show a moment of unity between real and unreal, historical and contemporary, anxiety with aesthetic. These exceptionally powerful and expressive photographs offer a whole new look at the historic event of suffering, demolition and destruction of a part of humanity.


The exhibition is held under the patronage of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in the Republic of Croatia.

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