Advancing the idea of tolerance in a cultural-art way is an important part of the festival program that, aside from educating and inviting the public to act together and develop the cultural dialogue, also enriches the cultural program of the city.

Some art branches, such as photography or video, have shown themselves as the fastest and most effective way of approaching the broader public. Scenes that we are witnesses to through the media are in a way documents of reality, indicators of those truths and facts that we might not always want to see or acknowledge, but that remind us that injustice happens in all countries, on all social levels and among all age groups. Today, more then ever, we cannot allow to turn our heads away, to close our eyes to something because we feel that "it’s not our concern" - only by acting together can we make this world a better and more just place for all.

This year’s rich program of the 10th Festival of Tolerance Jubilee is accompanied and enhanced by exhibitions that with their subject fit into and compliment the messages of bringing down stereotypes and prejudice and, as an art form available to all, they offer a platform for developing a dialogue and further sensibilization of the public.

The photography exhibition of the Italian photographer Alessandro Pensa will be set up in Lauba on 4th of April 2016. It is dedicated to the problem of immigrants in the Mediterranean: from numerous ships, overloaded with political migrants, women, children, who arrive at Italian and Greek islands, detention centers on Malta, to the ever growing xenophobia and violence towards immigrants and members of other races, induced by bad economic situation of the Mediterranean countries. With his work he raises awareness about the necessity to respect the basic human rights and calls out for a dialogue in the fight against dehumanization.

We point out the words of an Afghani teacher and owner of pharmacy, who ran way in fear for his life, after his father vanished without trace, his pharmacy was destroyed, and he himself was threatened for "not being a true Muslim": "I came here in the hope that the European governments will allow us to live as people, and not as animals."

Manfred Bockelmann - "Drawing Against Oblivion"


  Manfred Bockelmann’s large format portraits of children and youth With the exhibition by Manfred Bockelmann “Drawing Against Oblivion”, set in the French Pavilion in Zagreb and opening on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, on 27 January...


Alessandro Penso - "From Afar"


This work tells the stories of the refugees, asylum seekers and migrants who have reached Europe after imaginable journeys and explores the impact of the changes and contradictions in Europe’s approach to immigration and reception at the entry points to the EU...

Children's View - "Drawing Against Oblivion"


09.-15.04.2016. Europa cinema, Müller Hall We started the Jubilee Festival year on the International Day of Remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust, the 27th of January, with the opening of the impressive exhibition "Drawing against oblivion" by Manfred Bockelmann...

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