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Open discussions related to the topics of selected movie and documentary projections were introduced last year in the ninth edition of the Festival of Tolerance – JFF Zagreb, as an answer to the needs and suggestions of our faithful audiences.

The idea was to create a public platform for an exchange of opinions, questions and answers, agreements and disagreements. Besides experts in the relevant social fields, these discussions are also open to the audience, as an important factor in co-creating public opinion, stimulating of cultural communication with an aim of building a more open and tolerant society.

The programme of this year's Festival started with a shorter edition in Ljubljana in January 2016, which featured a panel discussion with the theme of the “70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War”, announcing the future activities and the main part of the programme, organized in co-operation with Mini Teatar from Ljubljana, anchored by the distinguished Slovenian journalist Ksenija Horvat.

The discussion was also participated by eminent experts from Slovenia, Italy and Croatia, as well as Branko Lustig, the president of the Festival of Tolerance and a Holocaust survivor.

The date for the discussion, September 2, has not been chosen by chance. This date officially marks the end of the Second World War, whose consequences can be felt to this day. This is especially the case in our region, where a constant problem is posed by relating antifascism to communism, which we are unfortunately witnessing through current (un)political events in Croatia. There have also been talks of the process of confronting with our past and accepting it, with an aim of developing a better and more tolerant future.

Every year we strive to offer our audiences a richer programme with better quality.  Apart from discussions as a novelty, for the needs of the Festival in Ljubljana, we have introduced an additional discussion in the form of video conference, which was held on February 26, live streaming from Zagreb and Ljubljana. The topic of “absence of place for marking the Holocaust in Croatia and Slovenia”, eminent speakers, experts from social, cultural and political life, as well as senior officials, discussed the current situation in both countries, about the relationship towards the Holocaust and facing the past in general, as well as (not) accepting our common past.

This programme, which proved to be quite successful, was co-financed by Europe for Citizens Programme / EACEA European Remembrance.

The jubilee 10th Festival of Tolerance this year brings numerous discussions, a round table under the auspices of UNHCR on certainly the most current topic of today – the issue of refugees and the so-called refugee crisis. A talk will be held to discuss the causes and consequences, challenges and possibilities and ways how to solve this problem. The European Union still has not found a convincing answer to the posed challenges, from the very bureaucracy, quotas, paper work to human trafficking and inhuman building of fences in border regions. There is a growing presence of stratification among member states, which brings into question the solidarity within the EU and a possible scenario of spreading the “refugee crisis” to the “crisis within the EU”.

Through questions and answers, participant expertise, experience and perception of the audience and reasoning, together we will nurture the culture of tolerant and polite communication, create a culture of dialogue and help to express public opinion in the time to which we belong.

The project is co-financed from the Europe for citizens fund - EACEA European Remembrance. 




Mini teater

Discussion: 70 year anniversary since the end of WW2


Sorry, at the moment this entry is only available in Croatian.   The project is co-financed from the Europe for citizens fund - EACEA European Remembrance.   

10th. Festival of Tolerance Zagreb, Lauba

Round table: "Challenges of Europe"

07.04.2016. 17:00

Round table: "Challenges of Europe" In order to encourage the general public to think about the current biggest challenge of Europe, we are organising a round table entitled "Challenges of Europe", which will be held on April 7th at 17h, in cooperation with our partners...

10th. Festival of Tolerance Zagreb, Cinema Tuškanac

Europe today: Racial revolution?

10.04.2016. 20:00

The first discussion of the 10th Festival of Tolerance ties in to the film We are young. We are strong, from the director Burhan Qurbani, set of a spirited debate about xenophobia, race, civic upbringing, historic legacy and future of Europe. Discussion guests: prof. dr.  Tomislav Sunić   dr.

10th. Festival of Tolerance Zagreb, Cinema Tuškanac

Terrorism: Thought behind an explosion

11.04.2016. 20:45

At the discussion held after the film Watching the moon at night we talked about the history of terrorism and its background, or who is behind it and what is the future of the world. The guests concluded that we shouldn’t fear terrorism, but continue to live a normal life. Discussion guests: dr.

10th. Festival of Tolerance Zagreb, Cinema Tuškanac

Behind the iron curtain: VCR heroes

11.04.2016. 22:15

The discussion after the movie Chuck Norris vs. communism sparked many questions about censorship and how it influenced the films from the 80s. The guest debated if schools should have a pop culture class and that the film gives hope, that there is subtlety and beauty in these times of extreme...

10th. Festival of Tolerance Zagreb, Cinema Europa

Democracy: The beauty of differences

12.04.2016. 18:00

Discussion after the movie Through my lens. The guests discussed whether we have become immune to the pictures of horror, which are so common today unlike in the past. Discussion guests: Borna Sor Silvestar Kolbas Damir Očko  

Cinema Tuškanac

Lecture: Primo Levi: Chemistry, Literature And Memory

13.04.2016. 10:00

LUIGI DEI Rector of University of Florence LECTURE  / PRIMO LEVI: CHEMISTRY, LITERATURE AND MEMORY 13.04.2016. Cinema Tuškanac – 10 h Video of the lecture: Luigi Dei, PhD, a professor of physical chemistry and rector at the University of Florence...

10th. Festival of Tolerance Zagreb, Cinema Tuškanac

Adoption: Fighting for family

13.04.2016. 20:30

Discussion was held on Wednesday, at 9:30 PM at cinema Tuškanac after the documentary "The long way home". The film deals with adoptees that are trying to find their biological parents and starts many questions about adoption.

10th. Festival of Tolerance Zagreb, Cinema Europa

Animal kingdom: A cage, a trap, a snare

14.04.2016. 18:00

Discussion will be held on Thursday at 6 pm at Europa cinema after the documentary „Racing Extinction“.  Scientists predict that in 100 years time there will be only 50 percent of animal species left on Earth.

10th. Festival of Tolerance Zagreb, Cinema Europa

Generation Z: No mercy, please

14.04.2016. 22:15

Discussion will take place at cinema Tuškanac on Thursday at 10:15 pm after the movie „Correction Class“. At the discussion we will debate the questions which the movies plot revolves around  such as; are children cruel, are they exposed to cruelty at school and in their own homes just...

Cinema Tuškanac

Lecture: Throughout History To The “New Wave” Of Ukrainian Cinema

15.04.2016. 12:00

Svetlana Agrest- Korotkova 15.04.2016. Cinema Tuškanac – 12 h The Ukrainian cinematography has long been part and parcel of the cinematic world, contributing to its development with highly creative personalities such as Aleksander Dovzhenko and Mikhail Kaufman...

10th. Festival of Tolerance Zagreb, Cinema Tuškanac

Round table: The young - our strenght, how the young develop intercultural dialogue

15.04.2016. 14:00

Round table called „The young - our strength, how the young develop intercultural dialogue“ was held on Friday 15.04.2016. at Tuškanac cinema at 2 pm. The moderator of the round table is Mr. Zoran Pribičević and the participants are professors Romina Makoret, Linda Šimunović Nakić...

10th. Festival of Tolerance Zagreb, Cinema Tuškanac

Normal: You are, you aren't

15.04.2016. 22:00

Discussion was held on Friday at 10 pm at the Tuškanac cinema after the movie „Natural Disorder“. Movies lead character has physical limitations, but mentally he is the same as his colleagues. At the discussion we will debate what „normal“ really is..

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